Testing, Testing…..is this thing on

Talk about some inside time, I’ve had a lot of it over the last 3 weeks or so. Not so much due to the weather, or for not having work to do (there is always plenty of that to do.) No, most of it has been due to Eli’s love for getting sick. First it was a bout with tonsilitis (not sure on the spelling), followed up by a small case of the ever favorite RSV, and now we are dealing with not one but two different instances of upset stomach/ fever.

During this time I have spent a substantial amount of time on the internet looking at a lot of blog sites, specifically ones dealing with custom woodworking and sawmilling. Now I will be the first to admit that I’ve never really understood the whole blog movement. Up until now I have felt that blogging was just a souped up version of Facebook and/ or twitter. But during my time off I have come to appreciate a nice blog (of course it helps if its something I am interested in).

Here are two that I have stumbled upon that have been very interesting:

Mike Papke’s custom sawmilling site http://wnyhardwoods.wordpress.com/

And Wunderwood’s custom woodworking https://wunderwoods.wordpress.com/about/


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