Making something out of nothing

For quite some time I have had the idea of building a wood kiln. Specifically, a solar wood kiln. Now for those of you that are not sure what a wood kiln is or does, probably the best way to explain it would be that it is a lot like a greenhouse. Only instead of using it to grow plants, it is used to dry lumber to a moisture content suitable to build furniture (8-12% moisture content).

Traditionally, wood workers would dry stack their lumber in a well ventilated area (a barn or shop) to air dry. This process could take anywhere from 1-3 years depending on type of wood and the climate it was stored.

At some point, wood workers figured out that if you could add a source of heat and a consistent source of air that the wood drying process could be accelerated. Thus the wood kiln was born. There are many kinds of kilns, some operate thru the use of a wood fired boiler while others use a gas burner to supply the heat source. And then there is the solar kiln, which uses the sun’s energy to operate.

So I am proud to say that after a lot of research on the internet I am beginning the process of putting together enough materials to start the project. For starters, I have several pine logs ready to saw into framing material, but those logs are in an area that is a little too wet to get right now. So on to the siding but what to use?

Well, I have been driving by this cedar for some time now. It was actually a casualty of the “gravity wave” that we had 2 years ago. It had fallen over the fence and we cut if up into 2 pieces (an 8 footer and 5 footer which is the one in the picture) basically just to remove it. Both were very knotty and probably should have been used for firewood.  But then again I figure they will work just fine for the siding.

Next, I hope to be moving on to the pine logs. I’ll post when I get some more pics to show my progress.


3 thoughts on “Making something out of nothing

    • It’s a chainsaw mill, made by Grandberg, that basically clamps on to the chainsaw bar. I first saw it in a magazine, and then found/ purchased one off of Ebay for a good price. And I’ll admit to you that I had my doubts, but it actually cuts pretty good. It works well for what I wanted it for, salvaging storm damaged trees to make into furniture and to build sheds/ structures around the farm. There are a ton of You Tube clips if you’d like to see some in action.

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