Some new wood

I had a little “free” time on Monday afternoon so I decided to start on some new wood that was offered to me by a friend. Originally he had told me about a pecan tree that he had in his backyard, which sadly was already too rotten to salvage. But he did have this nice red oak that was casualty of storm damage. It measured 24″ at the base, very straight, and had been cut up into 2) 8′ sections and 2) 5′ sections. This tree would have been a good tree to carry to a local band saw operation, but it was located in an area that was pretty tough to get to. In fact it took me several trips to carry my saws and equipment up to it.

Here is one of the two shorter pieces, which I ended up slabbing them both into 1 1/2 and 2″ slabs. Some of the slabs I am using for a project at my friend’s house (more on that later) but the majority of them went to the shop to be air-dried and possibly used for future furniture projects. The cant hook leaning against the log was my grandfathers. When I asked my dad how old he thought it was he replied “I’m not sure, but that hand carved handle has been in it for as long as I can remember”. That means the tool is probably at least 70 years old, if not older! Pretty cool to be able to use something that not only my dad has used but also my grandfather.

On a totally different subject, it looks like Eli may have a “new” school desk in the future. Found this one in the woods sitting on a stump. I’m thinking a coat of red paint and it will fit right in with his room. Now for the wood for the seat and desk top, I may have to get a little creative for that.





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