Creativity wins again

I ‘ve been working on a project for the last week or so that has been a real challenge. Not so much as the work is tough and strenuous, but more of a mental challenge. You see, most of the time my projects are pretty uniform. My goal is for all lines to be parallel, intersecting at 90 degree angles, with every object being equally spaced, creating a nice, harmonious environment. In other words, things have to be perfect. Which is nice, but to be honest it can get a little boring sometimes. Now this job on, the other hand, it’s a totally different story.

For starters, I had to come to terms with my level. Usually it is my trusty sidekick, helping to illustrate how walls and/or door casings are straight and square with each other. But for this job my level came to be used as nothing more than a glorified straight line drawing apparatus. Nothing was level. Nothing was square. And whats more, they were not even close. So when mounting, say a shelf, I had to use the “its close enough” method of meeting in the middle of somewhat level and looking right.

Something else I have enjoyed about this job has been that it has allowed me to get creative with materials. Thus far, the majority of the items I have installed were salvaged. Some of these are the sink/ countertop that were originally used in the house. Or the can lights that I pulled from a bathroom demo on my last job. And whenever I needed post, I would use old flower pots for a mold to cast my concrete (simply cut the pot off once the concrete dries and it leaves it in the shape of the pot).

And probably the biggest of all is the wood. Most of the wood that I used for the shelves or framing came from some red oak (see my earlier post on Some New Wood) that was a casualty of storm damage. I would simply come up in my head with what I might need and then saw it with my chainsaw mill. After that it was just a matter of using my framing saw to cut it down to whatever size I needed and using my planer to clean up the boards (if so desired).

So all in all I am very pleased with this project and how it has evolved. Still got a little to do, but hope get the finished pics up soon.


2 thoughts on “Creativity wins again

  1. You didn’t mention that the building in which you work is about 160 years old, nor that you removed three deeply-embedded rocks (one of which is larger than most of the monuments in the city cemetery), nor that the owner of the house is an especially moody and difficult client. And then there are the constant interactions with his wife and children and undisciplined dogs.
    Despite these obstacles, well done, Mister Shrader.

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