The making of Stonehenge….

This past weekend I started a new project that had been on the drawing board for quiet some time. My buddy had been wanting to add a screened in entertainment room to his house and so last October we scratched out a design on a piece of scrap wood. Nothing major just a “little 20x 34′ screened porch, with 6×6” cedar posts, and with an open ceiling. Like I said, “little”. Well we got a pretty good start on things shortly there after. We had my concrete guy build the foundation and pour/ stamp the concrete. We even placed our lumber order for the cedar that we needed. But then work came to stand still as we moved into hunting season, as well as my buddy began dating his girlfriend (there have been lots of “business conferences” in Birmingham lately, which is a good thing).

So this past weekend marked the first one that both he and I would be available to start the framing. Thus far the project has gone pretty well. As you can see in the picture, there has been a lot of head scratchin’ going on. For instance, we had to figure where the top plate needed to be to tie into the existing roof and then we found out the house had settled about 1 1/2″ on one side.  But once we got things figured out we were able to move on at a pretty decent pace. In 3 days we were able to get the rafters up for the roof. Now if we can just find another weekend to get the tin on.

Ok, I had to include this picture. We looked over at one point to find one of our friends just sitting on top of the ladder. He claimed it gave him a better perspective on things. So from then on the quote of the day was “From my perspective….”. He was also the one who came up with calling it Stonehenge, so we can thank him for that one.


5 thoughts on “The making of Stonehenge….

  1. I like the blog and Stonehenge is going to be awesome! We will have a few several drinks on that porch. Thank you for you expertise and help.

  2. I am very impressed boyz!!!! I cannot believe how “small” it is turning out to be! I think we should put a bunk out there and make it a sleeping porch for all those late nights. Good work you guys!

  3. i finally got a perspective on the size of the “not so big” room… wow!!!!sounds like a bunk room is a great idea, just a sleeping porch for the mama or mil, a screened kennel, or just a fabulous drinking room. amazing job fellows. can’t wait to toast one to a job well done.
    love to you boys,

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