Work Progresses on the Wood Kiln

I wanted to post some pics of the construction of the wood kiln. The progress has been a little slow as I’ve been working on it in the afternoons, but its beginning to look like something. The pic to the right shows the installed floor. Originally I had intended on using pressure treated plywood, but that would have cost me close to 40.00 per sheet. So I opted to use a OSB plywood that was only 12.00 a sheet. The problem with OSB is that it can become damaged when exposed to moisture, which could pose a problem. So to help waterproof it, I coated all sides with Silver Dollar Aluminum roofing sealant which I was going to do anyway for the inside wall coatings.

For the framing material, I was able to salvage some damaged lumber from one of our local hardware stores. It was a little bit of work pulling nails and separating them. But they were free, and seeing that both sides would be covered, I think they worked just fine.

See, with the outside siding on, no one will ever tell that the lumber was not shiny and new. Btw, the siding is the cedar that I showed in a previous blog that I cut with my sawmill. It’s just rough cut to 1″ thick, and nailed on in a board and batten pattern. With it being cedar it should hold up pretty well to the elements. And like the framing material, it was my favorite kind of wood, free wood!

And finally, this is a pic of the back part of the roof. I had the shingles from a previous job and they had been riding in the back of my trailer for well over a year. I had tried to give them away several times but never had any takers, which I am really thankful for now.

All in all, I’m pleased with how everything is coming together. I’ve been trying to build this thing as cheap as possible, while at the same time trying to keep it from looking like something just cobbled together. I think the total bill as of right now is at 90.00 out of pocket money, with 2/3 of that being for the 5 gallon bucket of roof sealant. Hopefully the next progress report will have the rest of the roofing installed and maybe some doors/ siding. Now if I can just score some cheap fans for the inside….


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