Rodgers fireplace installation

The before pictureI recently had a nice couple inquire about the possibility of installing a gas fireplace in their living room. In addition to the fireplace, they also wanted to add built-in cabinets on both sides to create an area to house their tv and electronics.The photo to the right shows the wall that they wanted to use for the installation.

After some initial conversations with the homeowners, we decided to go with a stacked stone look for the fireplace, red oak countertops and mantle, and a basic white design for  the cabinets. I’m usually not a big fan of building white cabinets but my thought process for this project was that 1) it would tie into the white trim throughout the house’ and probably more importantly 2) there would be enough going on with the fireplace and woodwork that I did not want to distract from those details.

Here we see how things are starting to come together. The good thing about this job was that I assembled everything in the shop prior to coming on site. This included the framing for the firebox which made it pretty easy for the fireplace company to do the installation. Basically they were able to install the box and rock the outside in only 2 days.

And here is the final product.  There were a few minor hiccups (I had to remove one shelf from the lower left base cabinet to house a cpu tower and printer) but for the most part everything worked out as it was supposed to. One of my favorites was the doors as they were a first for me. Instead of installing the normal solid raised panel, I used expanded metal as I felt it would provide adequate ventilation for all the entertainment equipment. I also enjoyed putting together the countertops and the mantle. Being oak, they took quite a bit of work to glue up/ plane smooth but I would say they were well worth the extra effort.


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