The Ivey Court presents the Wine Bottle Candelabra

This is probably one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is starting to turn off nice, with cool nights and warm days. The garden is planted (well, for the most part) and everything is nice and green. But the best part about this time of the year is that it’s finally time to start grilling again.

We live in a pretty unique and small house. So small in fact that we do not have a dining room, which is really not a big deal for us but it does kind of limit you on how many guest you can have over for supper. You can only sit so many people at a 4 person bar table, right? So some time last year around January, I decided to build an outside dining/ entertainment area. Nothing fancy, just a simple little “shed” that we could use on nice nights to grill and have friends over. I was able to salvage all of the lumber and posts needed from trees that were felled during the great Gravity Wave of 2009. And I did all of the sawing with my new chainsaw mill which I have featured in an earlier blog.

“The Party Temple”, as my wife calls it, has been an awesome addition to our home stead. We’ve hosted everything from birthday party’s, to Junior Progress meetings for my wife, a Scotch club meeting for myself, and a number of what I like to call our informal Supper Club gatherings. And for the most part it has lived up to expectations. We’ve kept everything about it simple, a string of Christmas lights, a Weber grill, folding tables, 2 TVs, and a number of gas lanterns are all the amenities we need. Yes, 2 TV’s are a necessity, especially if half of your friends are Auburn fans while the rest of us are Alabama fans and both games are on at the same time.

One thing I felt was missing was a centerpiece for the table, or a chandelier of some type. Again, it needed to be simple and preferably with candles as I felt it would add a certain ambience with the flame flickering off of the silver tin at night. So armed with an idea, an abundance of wine bottles, and some wood from the shop here is result.

The vessels for the candles were old wine/ liquor bottles that were destined for the garbage. I simply cut them in half and placed them in the holes. It is important to leave the corks in place. If not you will end up with candle splatter on the table once the wax melts down the neck of the bottle (we learned this the hard way). The wood was some leftover red cedar that I had at the shop and the hangar was a piece of ground wire that I took off of a salvaged power pole.

For the candles, I use a cheap, long federal style that you can buy from most retail stores (Target, Wal-mart, etc). I think they normally come 8 to a box. They last a pretty long time as the wax will melt to the bottom of the bottle and continue to encase the wick. In fact, the candles shown were left over from last year and they have already been used 6-7 times this year.

Each candelabra made at The Ivey Court is made one at a time and to the customers specifications. I’ve made them as small as for 4 vessels and as large as the one shown at my house. Of course, thats not to say they can not be made bigger. Please feel free to contact me at and I will be happy to work up an estimate based on the size and type of wood you would like.

Thanks for viewing!


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